joglo waru main bale terrace villa karang rock dining east terrace pool west terrace pergola lounge decks joglo manis terrazzo pasir hitam spa joglo pandan joglo bambou helipad tennis court villa air villa pantai


The estate is a veritable haven of Balinese design and antiquities. The villas are traditional but luxurious giving one a sense of traditional Balinese lifestyle whilst simultaneously keeping you cool in the heart of design and modern comfort. Olympic length infinity pool, Jacuzzi, SPA, tennis court and helipad embrace you with the feeling of having arrived somewhere very special.

Ketapang Estate is also surrounded by lush padi fields, further driving home the point that you are in your own secluded paradise. Exceptional scenery giving you a 360 degree visual feast. Truly an experience that will stay with you a lifetime. Ketapang’s vision is to embrace all that is natural and beautiful about Bali, its heritage, culture and unique charms.

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